Dangerous River Crossings Removed

In the heart of coal country sits the town of Logan, in the hills of southwest West Virginia.

Late in the 1800’s and well into the next century, Logan was the regional hub for coal.  Treno ventured in to this area, home to the original Hatfields of Hatfield-McCoy feud lore, to remove four bridges which had been deemed unsafe by CSX.

Despite the danger, the bridges, long unused by the railroad and likely built in the 1940’s, had become favorite crossing routes for local 4-wheel enthusiasts and hikers.

Using large mats to stabilize equipment in the riverbed, we employed cranes and excavators to remove the structures.  In addition, we needed to jackhammer the concrete away from the center piling.  We were able to reuse this concrete to stabilize the side walls of that area of the river.

Once the bridges were down, we erected guardrails, affixed with reflective tape, and warning signs on the edges of the trails where the bridges started and ended.  This, along with our talking to local farmers and homeowners, will hopefully prevent any accidents.

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