Once you identify the start and stop points for removal of the rail line, Treno can handle everything else.
Each job we do is unique, and comes with distinctive requirements and challenges, but we understand that these
kinds of projects usually come with time constraints, and we have a proven track record of completing jobs quickly.

A typical rail removal job involves removing the rail and spikes, pulling rail anchors and braces, removing the ties
and returning the terrain to a walkable state. We can also remove rail from other settings like paved, graveled,
or grassed areas. When we’re finished, we return the ground to the same condition as the surrounding area.

We do:

  • Abandonments
  • Rail yard cleanup
    • OTM (other track material) and scrap
  • Street rail removal and repair
  • Parking lot rail removal and repair
  • Crossing sign/gate removal

Our partners have included:

  • CSX
  • Norfolk Southern
  • BNSF Railway
  • The City of Cincinnati