Sheepskin Trail Bridge Demolition – Pennsylvania

It’s always a little sad when you have to remove a cool old railroad bridge, but there are many factors – safety being the most prominent – when they just need to go.  Treno ventured into Fayette County, Pennsylvania to remove two bridges along the Sheepkin Trail, a unique, 34-mile rail trail that, when completed, will link with various other existing trails, namely the Great Allegheny Passage, the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail, and the Mon River Rail-Trail System.  Use the links below to view time lapse flipbooks of these bridges being removed:

Weaver’s Mill Bridge Removal

Nilan Road Bridge Removal

The Wasson Way Project – Cincinnati, Ohio

Treno worked with Norfolk Southern and the City of Cincinnati to remove rail as part of the Wasson Way Project, a Rails to Trails type initiative that creates miles of bicycle and pedestrian trails through eight neighborhoods and three municipalities.  The ambitious project seeks to link area residents with local universities, high schools, restaurants, and retail while encouraging non-powered travel and reducing emissions, traffic, and accidents.


Thermal Belt Rail Trail – Forest City, North Carolina

Treno ventured to the area in North Carolina known as the Thermal Belt, an area named for its unique weather tendencies to help in the creation of the Thermal Belt Rail Trail.  We worked with the City of Forest City to remove rail on this Rails to Trails project, which allows for a 12-foot wide, 3-mile long trail connecting communities in Rutherford County, promoting health activities and neighborhood improvement.